Nomad Divers Bangka

We have been following Sohpie and Simoens prosess of Opening a Dive resort, here three month in you can follow the everyday life of the new dive resort owners:

We have now been open for three months, it has flown by! We have had 20 guests ranging from backpackers to experienced photographers.  Thankfully they’ve all enjoyed their stay with us, for me the important factors are diving, food and accommodation.

nomad divers bangka sophie

Nomad Divers Bangka

The diving really speaks for itself here. Our neighboring islands of Bunaken and Lembeh strait are much more well-known than Bangka, but hopefully not for long!

Marco of Lembeh

Lembeh of course is famous for its muck diving, unusual and exotic looking creatures camouflaged in the silty black sand. For experienced divers who are looking for something different and for underwater photographers it is heaven!

For us, a lot of customers have chosen to do a day trip there and have said that it was enough- three dives searching the black sand for hairy frogfish, mimic octopus, seahorses etc and then back to our fabulous visibility and coral reefs!

Walls of Bunaken

Bunaken is also very popular – it is close to Manado and there are many dive resorts to choose from.

The shallow coral reef drops dramatically down the immense wall to hundreds of meters and the marine life here is very beautiful. For me it is very busy on the dive sites and the rubbish is really building up underwater. However, a sighting of Rambo the enormous turtle is not to be forgotten!

Diversity of Bangka



Diving here on Bangka is such a pleasure, we are lucky to have excellent visibility and good conditions for diving all year round. The wind picks up in July and August and the rainy season is October – March but the diving remains great.

We have a huge variety of dives sites, Sahaung has the underwater pinnacles covered in beautiful soft coral and home to juvenile white tip sharks and schooling yellow fusiliers, you can spot pygmy seahorses and ornate ghost pipe fish here.

Tanjung Husih is home to giant and painted frogfish as well as groups of huge bumphead parrotfish and turtles.

Aringkambin is a white sand muck dive – look out for flamboyant cuttlefish, tiny painted frogfish, mimic octopus, seahorses, waspfish, dragonets and don’t forget to look out for the dugong! We also have spectacular wall diving and healthy thriving coral reefs.

Bangka resort

Nomad Divers Bangka Cottage

Nomad Divers Bangka

For relaxing after diving we have hammocks on the beach, a well-stocked bar and great food to enjoy. Our cook makes fresh spicy sambal every day, and we eat pork satay barbequed on the beach, she cooks fish really well, and occasionally does her own version of fried chicken and chips!

Sometimes we get a few nights without customers, give the staff a night off and make ourselves a big salad or pasta or just a simple cheese sandwich! We have also discovered ice-cream mix in the supermarket which is a real treat! We also have pineapples and mangos growing on our land so when they are in season we have plenty of fresh fruit!

The cottages have turned out really well, we had a local carpenter come in from the village to make our beds, chairs and tables and I really like the fact that we are using local materials for these. The bathrooms all have bamboo walls, tiled floors and half the roof is open to the sky so you can shower under the stars! Guests have really liked the accommodation which I’m really happy about.

Pygmy seahorse yellow. Indonesia Sulawesi.


I am continually amazing by the amount of nature that surrounds us! One of the best things is the tarsiers in the trees – many visitors to Sulawesi go to Tangkoko National Park to see them and we have them living on our land!

These tiny cute primates are nocturnal and we hear them calling to each other every sunrise and sunset. We have some beautiful bird life here as well, from sunbirds to eagles, and there are sometimes monitor lizards in the trees in the mangrove or basking in the sun. it really is stunning!

Are you looking for your Scuba Paradise? Sophie and Simon found their paradise and opened a dive resort there!