No Fear Diving: A PADI Specialty Course

No Fear Diving: A PADI Specialty Course

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- Jon Milnes

Have you ever heard about a PADI specialty course named No Fear Diving?

What does No Fear and Diving have to do with each other, I wondered.

So I did some research.

This subject draws a lot of attention all sorts of diving forums. I found out the No Fear diving course is controversial and many diver's out there share their opinions and thoughts on these forums.

What is No Fear Diving

Oliver Radosav, an Ergo-therapist and PADI specialty dive instructor, developed this specialty course. He explains the idea of No Fear diving.

He says that what makes this dive course different compared to other dive courses is the “client centered” structure of the course. The PADI No Fear Diving Distinctive Specialty Course is a customized scuba diving course in that the dive clients decide which personal matter will be the topic in their course.

During this course a diver can find out, under close professional supervision, where their personal anxiety and concerns comes from, what they are about, and how to cope with this.

The course creates an opportunity to speak about problems, alleviate doubts, and eliminate stress. As a result of this, it reduces discomfort, anxiety, and fear.

PADI specialty course happy student diver

A student will feel more relaxed about themselves after the course - Credit: No Fear Diving

Participants will learn about individual stressors and they will be confronted with them in an adequate, secure, personal but professional manner.

He’s not saying divers are supposed to be without fear when diving. It’s more about analyzing and facing individual stressors and problems connected to the water, scuba diving and to yourself. With No Fear Diving participants can learn how to anticipate and deal with individual problems.

What does it do?

The course helps divers develop the much needed knowledge, skills, and sensible techniques that strengthen self-confidence in order to dive in a comfortable, safe, and relaxed way.

Once you make the unknown known, your fear less and your self-confidence grows. Your personal comfort zone will also greatly increase.

The course can also be an opportunity for people who desire discovering the freedom of the underwater world for the first time. No Fear Diving can be taken along with an Open Water Course.

PADI specialty course student after a dive

A PADI student after a dive - Credit: No Fear Diving

Elements of the course

The No Fear diving course is set up to be taught in a one on one private setting or in a small group setting with a maximum or six people.

No Fear Diving is made up of six different parts. These include gaining theoretical knowledge about fears and panic on personal issues.

The dive instructor will go through with you all of your concerns and identify your personal stressors. You will learn how to deal with and act accordingly to the course’s theories including using practical exercises during your dives.

Here's more about a students experiences with the No Fear Course

There are pool and open water training sessions used in this course, which are personally suited to your needs. The No Fear diving course’s goal is to work on your concerns. And unlike most other courses offered out there, this course will not follow fixed course guidelines. The client-centered concept of the No Fear Diving course makes it a scuba diving course to fit your needs and concerns.


About The Author

Torben Lonne

Torben is a top skilled PADI MSDT instructor. He has worked several years with scuba diving in Indonesia and Thailand - and dived most of his life in most of the world.He is also the co-founder and chief-editor of you can always catch him here [email protected]


  1. Lars Bov

    Looks like a nice course :-)
    Thanks for the blog about it.

    • Torben Lonne

      Hi Lars. Thanks for commenting! i hope it can help some people loose a fear!

  2. Hacer kolin

    I never fear diving. I’m a fish! But I can actually se a reason for therapy with scuba

  3. Dominic Tutty

    With first time divers one of the things you get out of it is the sense of uncertainty indeed fear. This is one of the great accomplishments in completing the initial courses is managing the fear.

    Still some divers do experience a great deal of fear or discomfort after their ow would be an attractive course for some.

    • Torben Lonne

      That was the same thoughts I had when I first heard about the course! Thanks for commenting!

  4. Storm Hughes 312266

    How do i get my Instructors rating to teach this course?

    • Torben Lonne

      Hi Storm, well this PADI Specialty was created and written by Oliver, so I think he is the only one who may teach this. How to become a NO-FEAR specialty instructor, I’m not sure, but if you are interested I’m sure you can contact him, and he could help you. Go to his web page and you can contact him from there!

  5. Charli l Wanderlusters

    I’m now a qualified DM but as someone who has been through their own version of the no fear diving course I have to say I think this initiative is great. It sounds like it offers a unique opportunity to deal with dive anxiety on a personal level rather than try and overcome it silently while diving with more confident peers.

    • Torben Lonne

      Hi Charli,

      In my opinion it’s a much better way of working with fears, than by yourself. Especially if your fears are connected to the water and diving. I’ve been diving with students who where afraid of diving, and ready to face the fears, but it takes a lot of extra work for the Instructor or guide.

      Ps. great blog you got!

  6. Oiver Radosav

    Hello together…

    First of all I want say thank you to Torben … for the article about No Fear Diving. Not many dive magazines were interested in a publication. Some of them really asked me if the diving world need THIS & that it is about to rip off the people & taking a lot of money for nothing.

    I worked more than two years on my journey through Asia hard to develop the course & I lasted nearly one year until PADI was Ok.. to approve & recognize it.


    PADI made a kind of exception for No Fear Diving..
    Normally every Instructor should be able to teach any distinctive speciality but in this case it´s different.

    You need to contact PADI first and they need to agree that your qualification is sufficient to teach No Fear Diving. You might need a psychology or medicine degree to do this.

    As soon as PADI give their Ok.. I´ll teach you the course.

    I designed the course because I recognized the need for some clients. I wanted to make them able to enjoy the beauty of the submerged world and to lose their anxiety in a professional way. A agree to Torben that people with really deep fears need some extra time and attention to be able to do this. Some people might not be able loose deep anxiety & fears in 4 regular open water dives in an open water course.

    No Fear Diving is no magic!!!
    It works with basic elements of confrontation therapy and it´s about the client centeredness of the course. This is what makes it working!
    The course focus the needs & fears of the dive clients.
    I take any time that is needed & necessary to bring the people closer to feel free underwater.

    Since I´m allowed by PADI to teach No Fear Diving I´m very happy to see people growing with themselves. I´m glad that my support & knowledge helps them to accomplish their goals…

    The best thing about it is… that the Clients are able to transfer their experiences back home & to integrate them into their regular life.

    So No Fear Diving can be much more than a nice holiday experience!!!

    If you have further inserted you might like to have a look @ my professional Facebook account & follow me there if you press the “like it” button.

    There you can see a lot of pictures about my work with No Fear Diving with the Clients who agreed.. in a publication.

    @ Charli

    It´s nice to read your authentic report about your divemaster education. I shows that it´s daily business of any instructor to deal with situations where people are scared & lose control under water.

    This will be also a part of your work as a divemaster now.

    I´m sure the most Instructors are doing well in taking care their Clients.

    For me it´s about this…
    Fear it natural & to learn to deal with it is part of life.
    To overcome any fear makes ourself grow with our personality.

    Any dive instructor deals & handles this nearly every day…

    but it´s also like this…

    If you want to work on something special you might consider to go…. to see a specialist.

    I your car electric is broken a car mechanic might be able to help you to fix it. A specialized car electrician in this case might be the better choice to make your car run again.

  7. Lundy

    An interesting few words that I can relate to after spending many years diving which includes many deep dives.Fear is something that we must never loose but learn to respect and handle. Training and knowing our own limitations is importand if a diver want to servive and push his boundaries. Every diver needs to respect that we are only vistiors in the sea and with all the training in the world in an enviroment that we are not desined to servive.

  8. Mike

    I hope this is a joke.


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