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Woman relaxing in Egypt at sunset over Sinai mountains

So you are going on a holiday, you and your partner it’s just the two of you. No interruptions, just long walks on the beach, shopping and so on, you know the drill. Quality time together!

But then, when you want to go diving, one or preferably two days - she starts complaining.

Now all of you who don’t have this problem, because your Mrs. also loves diving. You guys are just lucky. There is no reason for you to read this article, so go ahead and leave a taunting remark in comments and move on to reading another article about where to go diving on your next holiday.

If you are a female reading this, well then you are probably already diving and have no reason for reading this, but do feel free to do so. And if you are so unlucky as to have a husband not diving, also feel free to use this to entertain him while you are out diving.

Divers without the better half

Enjoy your dive - Jon Milnes

Problems when not diving

For all of you who are left, I think we all have this problem, the better half doesn’t see with the same passionate eyes on diving as we do!

I don’t know about you, but I could use a whole holiday underwater, diving around and enjoying myself. I might be an extreme example, but I think a lot of enthusiastic divers want to go diving quite a lot more than allowed.

Of course that would be a boring holiday for the Mrs., so we need something for her to do while we go diving a few days of the vacation.

Fun on land

What to do? Now you need to stop thinking like a man, what you think is fun isn’t necessarily fun for her.

Something she might enjoy could be a nice relaxing day with all that follows. A nice breakfast together, then while you go diving you send her for a spa treatment.

You then give her the ultimate relaxing day: long massage, pedicure, manicure, facemask etc. all she needs to feel good. Getting back from the dive you will be met by a happy and more relaxed wife.

Sun tan

All women want a nice tan to show off when they get home from your vacation. So while you are out diving get her a bottle of suntan lotion and a nice sun bed at the beach. Give her a good book and let her work on her tan all day while relaxing and reading the newest bestseller.

She might not be as pleased as with the spa treatment, but isn’t relaxing what a holiday is all about. Depending on the type of women you are with, she might be willing to lie by the pool or on the beach for a couple of days. In that case you are one of the lucky ones, and you can go on diving a few more days.

Snorkel trip

Depending on the dive site, most dive centers will let snorkelers come on the boat for a day of snorkeling.

Greap your gear and head out to the water together - F9photos

It is a nice way of spending time together; you will have a lot of time on the way to the dive site and in between dives. This way you will still be diving, without leaving her all alone.

Snorkeling is a good way for her to see what you see. She will get a glimpse of what a magical world there is underwater.

Snorkeling might even make her want to try diving one day.

Have a Great Vacation

Remember not to push or force anyone to dive if they don’t feel like it. In my work as an instructor I have seen it before and they all felt uncomfortable and scared in the water. They never became good divers, and did it only to please their partner.