World Record in Fund Raising


Liveaboard diving in the Maldives

Ethan Daniels

You love the ocean and all of the life in it!

You want to help the fragile ocean, but how?

Here’s how three dive centers in Indonesia  and the Philippines raised $14.000

The Funathon proved that when divers collaborate they can make a significant contribution to marine conservation.

Project AWARE’s Funathon was a unique fundraising effort that focused on shark and ray conservation.

Although many countries have shark and ray protection policies, these magnificent animals travel great distances, crossing national boundaries.

Therefore it is up to you as a diver and the conservationists to join forces in order to raise funds and increase awareness about the importance of marine conservation the world over.

Endangered sharks

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Dive centers joining up

This event was just such a collaborative effort.

The dive centers, worked together over several months to ensure the success of the Funathon.

They hosted and organized a series of events to raise funds for this worthy cause.

These events comprised of a FINtastic flea market, a water volley ball tournament, and a Funathon party.

Shark finning

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The FINtastic flea market proved to be a great success.

The focus was on preventing the trend for over-consumption that is threatening our planet.

Thus, many of the items were second-hand or reused in an effort to limit the negative consequences of production processes.

Volleying for Sharks and Rays

The water volley ball tournament spanned a few months. It proved to be an effective way to unite the dive community.

Dive professionals joined in the exhilarating fun, which in turn fostered an environment of professional collaboration to meet common conservation goals.

Party was Family and Friends

The Funathon party was a family barbeque event complete with games, raffles and an auction. Again, this event fostered a sense of community and collaborative effort. The fun activities proved to be a successful means of raising all-important funds.

Overall, the Funathon was a great success, raising a staggering total of $14 000. In addition to raising money, the hope is that this series of events also helped to raise awareness and encourage the dive community to become involved in marine conservation.

Project AWARE will use all the funds raised to promote marine conservation, particularly that of sharks and rays.

Learn about Shark Finning


The funds will be an important contribution towards several endeavors such as: the fight to Stop Shark Finning, the implementation of full protection for Critically Endangered sharks, and the negotiation of stronger and more effective policies to protect all sharks and rays.

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