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Become a writer for is always looking for writers with scuba experience - both regular and one-off writers are needed. If you have a great dive story you want to share or have expert knowledge to share with our readers, send us your article or article pitch.

If your article is published, you will:

  • Become a celebrity in the Diving community
  • Spread your knowledge of diving
  • Get a writer's Bio on
  • Get a link to your own site

Before you make your contribution, please follow our guidelines for writing articles to 

We want you if you are:

  • Divemaster, dive instructor or working with diving on a daily basis
  • Underwater photographer, with great experience
  • Passionate diver, with many years experience
  • Expert in equipment or other related subjects.

What you need to know before writing to

  • It is entirely up to the editor at to select articles for publication. If in doubt you are more than welcome to pitch the idea to us, before writing.
  • The article must be 100% original work, and not appear anywhere else.
  • may edit your article before publishing.
  • If you send pictures along with your writing, then the rights to all pictures, illustrations, and images, must be owned by you.

If your article is published:

  • You may not republish the article elsewhere on the Internet

Please note: Our blogging positions start out unpaid, but there is a small fee per article once you get established.

Are you looking for a Scuba Diving job or are you just a passionate diver looking to spread your Scuba Diving voice. Writing articles helps spread the word of Diving and promote yourself as a Pro-Diver.

For more Info fill in the Contact form below!

Become a writer for

Facts are, that your mom will finally be proud of you, your friends will for once in your life respect you and your life will become more awesome - when you become a writer at - Contact our editor Torben for more info :-)
  • We use this so we know what to call you!
  • ... so that we know how to get in contact with you. No spam from us.


Please be advised, we only accept articles and guides from actual scuba divers. If you are some random SEO link builder just hunting links then this is not the site for you. Don't waste yours or ours time: move on.

About The Author

Nicolai Loenne

I love diving and wish I could do it more often. So far I'm still "just" a passionated amateur but hopefully I can soon upgrade from PADI Advanced OWA & Rescue Diver to Divemaster :-)I'm co-founder of and Business Developer - trying to make sense of all the madness like codes, design and new features.

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