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We’re ranking in the top of Google for “Best diving in the World” and similar relevant terms – and because of this more than 4,000 divers are visiting our page about Top Diving in the World.

We can add your dive center to our list with a featured box that will promote your dive center and the services you offer.

Agreed price:

  1. 300 EUR per month
  2. One year, get 2 month for free = 3,000 EUR

Cancel any time – no questions asked

After you pay via PayPal we will have your ad-spot ready in less than 24 hours.
We will contact you via email to clear out any details.

Have questions?
Reach out to our partnership manager Nicolai at [email protected]

  • As long as you are a regular customer we won’t raise the price
  • The spot you buy is yours for as long as you want it.
We will take care of creating the ad spot for you with your favorite picture and a compelling description to promote your dive shop.